Spring Projects: Take Advantage of Our Expertise

As spring approaches, many of us have a multitude of projects that vie for our attention. A leaky roof, or cracks developing in our foundation or just a desire to do some remodeling with some questions that need answers before we can even start.

Field’s Engineering Consultant Services, LLC is the go-to place with that structural knowledge and beyond to assist you in prioritizing and diagnosing things like that tricky roof leak that keeps evading you, even after prior repair attempts. We specialize in getting to the root of all your structural concerns including drainage problems outside of your home.

Our friendly staff is efficient, direct and helpful. We are qualified to provide you with the inspection letter that may be required for you to proceed to the next step in your plan.

We look forward to meeting you so that your questions can have answers from expert sound advisors. Do pick up the phone and contact us today (931) 456-6071 or email us at barryfield@fieldengineering.net.

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