Why Hire A Structural Engineer?

By Sorista Vaught

When one plans to embark on any construction project, it is very beneficial to hire a structural engineer to give you the advantage of arriving at safe and economical plans for a your building while taking into consideration that your structure needs to be built strong and capable of carrying its intended load. At FECS we know how to analyze the lay of the land, climate and nature of possible inclement weather so as to design your project to best endure possible effects from the inside and outside. When we design a structure, we recommend the appropriate building materials and will make sure to create plans which will call for proper support and fortification of all the skeletal components, so that your construction will be rock solid in strength and able to withstand successfully what elements may come against it.

We are trained in knowing what materials work best for strength and endurance as well as longevity. It may be a broader beam than you may see most builders using in a load bearing wall. It may be types of fasteners that will make the difference between your structure standing firm in a storm, or twisting and breaking apart. It is best illustrated by the construction of brick in the fairy tale about the three little pigs or the Bible story of the wise man building his house upon a rock, as opposed to the foolish man building his on the sand. It makes great sense to get an expert involved who has tested and proven over time and experience what makes solid construction sense.

We a Field’s Engineering can save you the time and expense of rehashing improperly designed items in non-engineered plans. We will be glad to offer you an estimate and assist you in making your plans a pleasing construction reality.
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