The Role Of: STEEL

By Sorista Vaught

Today I wanted to share information regarding the role of steel in construction. Recently, shortly after starting to work for FECS a customer called to report tornadoes had come through and two huge trees had fallen right onto the foundation we had designed for them. Immediately we got out to them and assessed the damage. How grateful we all were they had followed our instructions to include steel in the concrete of their foundation. Once inspected, we confirmed the foundation remained structurally sound so they could continue building without sustaining loss. This was so wonderful to see. I was so pleased to be working for a company that uses excellent construction stratagem that really saves our customers time and money.

Today, it seemed worthwhile to share just how beneficial steel can be in construction. Please open the link below to view an excellent well illustrated article specifically regarding Steel and its 10 main uses:

Thank you for taking a moment to consider this wonderful versatile building material. Be sure to ask us at FECS how steel may be beneficial in your building project: 931-456-6071.

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