Building In Wetlands & Water

Photo courtesy Wes Carr on Unsplash.

By Sorista Vaught

When it comes to engineering projects on, in or near water or wetlands, it is vital you employ the services of a civil engineering firm such as FECS. We will ensure that your project is soundly structured and properly executed with all necessary permits and inspections.

FECS is well acquainted with all the legal issues involving proper protocol for wetland and water construction. Our broad knowledge of materials will greatly aid you in making wise decisions that will yield long lasting structures to serve you well over time. We also understand how the ebb and flow of the waterways work to assure that your project is wisely constructed to be more enduring no matter how the climate reacts upon it.

Hiring a civil engineer at the beginning of your project, will not only save money and mistakes, it will ensure you will get it right the first time with no guesswork on your part. Why not give your dream wings by calling FECS today to get an idea how we can best serve you: 931-456-6071.

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