Coping With Slopes

Photo courtesy of Emil Diallo from Unsplash.

By Sorista Vaught

Slopes on your property can be attractive or can be more frustrating than anything. Here in Tennessee, we have a lot of hilly and mountainous terrain. Sloping driveways can lead to drainage problems in the garage and basement. A neighbor of mine had to build a retaining wall and re-engineer their driveway so water would quit running inside their garage. Some people even have trouble with steep driveways with incorrect pitch, making it almost impossible to get their cars in without bottoming out.

As structural engineers FECS understands slopes and how to work with them. If you are in a tight spot and need some help maneuvering some of these problems, why not contact us at 931-456-6071 and we will be glad to come out and engineer your slopes before they get you frustrated.

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