Smart Green Building Vs. Conventional Building Save Dollars Up Front

Solar panels are just one of the ways you can incorporate smart green building techniques. Photo courtesy of Vivint Solar on Pexels.

By Sorista Vaught

Ever wonder if it would cost more money to go green with your building project? The answer might surprise you.

So you decide to meet with a civil engineer to see how the two would compare: going green versus conventional building. I sat down with Barry Field and he spoke of how he has offered the green alternative to client after client only to be turned down on the idea of going green. Why do so many people run the other way when presented with the wonderful green option?

Do access the article in the link below that will outline ways of going green inexpensively. Some of the highlights mention wisely coordinating those whose services you plan to acquire so that they are aware of what the others are doing to better assist you in your planning process; utilizing the property’s assets to your advantage; planning best energy conserving practices; and getting creative with your building materials.

Why not make the jump into the unfamiliar and become pleasantly surprised. Not only can your building be less expensive at the front end, it will be less expensive in all the years following as bills are less than conventional builds and your earth smart choice benefits you and the planet. Also note in today’s housing market, green buildings are appraising for more than their comparable conventional counterparts. We welcome your inquiries at FECS: 931-456-6071

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