Jenga Blocks: Knocking Out A Wall

Children playing with Jenga Blocks. Photo courtesy of Ketut Subiyanto from Pexels.

By Sorista Vaught

Have you ever played the game Jenga Blocks? You know that each block you pull out could topple the structure and that means you lose. Well the same is true for removing walls or parts of walls out of your house. This is why it is crucial to hire a structural engineer to be sure that when you go to move walls, your structure remains structurally sound. Certain walls especially are load bearing walls and should you up and just take a sledge hammer to it, you may find your whole house on top of you.

Here is a brief example. A certain man I know was given an old farm house to dismantle. He was a one man crew and worked day after day on different parts of the structure. I know he had removed a good amount of the floor boards already, when he decided to take a sledge hammer to one of the internal walls. What we observed next was not a pretty site. I happened to be standing a distance away when this occurred. Suddenly there was a mighty crash and a huge dust cloud arose from the now pile of rubble the house had become. We called out to the man, who fortunately for him, had jumped between some floor joists, so that he only sustained some scrapes and bruises on his head neck and shoulders. I shudder to think how close he came to death that day.

Now back to your wall removal project. When FECS comes out to your home to analyze the wall that is coming out and what role it plays in your entire home, we will be able to tell you exactly how this should be accomplished and which materials you will need to use. You will want to use our plan so that your entire structure remains sound at all times. Yes the load bearing beams we recommend will have the girth and dimensions needed to keep your house safe. Why mess around and guess at something as vital to you as your home investment. Our plans are up to spec and meet code requirements so if you ever go to sell your home, it will pass the pre-sale inspections required. Call us today to discuss your project: 931-456-6071.

Photo courtesy of Vecislavas Popa from Pexels.
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