Land Development & FECS – Smart Move Despite COVID-19

Tennessee rural subdivision. Photo courtesy of FECS.

By Sorista Vaught

So you are sitting on some sweet acreage and would like to develop it to make a profit. Despite the COVID-19 virus, the construction industry is expected to boom as population increases and the demand for housing will be on an upswing. (see link below) Not to mention, many city dwellers will be tired of the crowding, amidst urging toward social distancing, and make the decision to go rural.

FECS is your go to place for layouts for your land. We know how to optimize your investment to make it lucrative for you. We develop plans for subdivisions and industrial areas that include sewer, water and electrical. We understand how your property will connect to the grid and can optimize your investment. You will be surprised how inexpensive our plans are compared to the profits you will reap once your project is complete.

One of FECS’s income streams is rental property. As soon as a space is vacated, and a “For Rent” sign posted, we immediately receive phone calls. We know the demand for housing is on the rise and look forward to assisting you with your land development as well as refurbishments on existing structures. We are in the business of inspecting properties/dwellings to establish whether or not they are structurally sound. We are adept at advising you of what is needed to bring a structure up to code and restored to “Sound” status so that you can utilize your existing investments for better profit.

Furthermore, interest rates are at an all-time low right now, making loans much more affordable (I personally am refinancing my home to take advantage of the lower interest rates). See link below.

We at Field’s Engineering Consultant Services, LLC look forward to your phone call so that we can help you get creative with your property. As we work together in these challenging times, more of us can stay afloat and strong economically. Do call us today at 931-456-6071.

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