The Harm of Standing Water & Your Foundation

Basement photo courtesy of Curtis Adams on Pexels.

By Sorista Vaught

Just how harmful is standing water in the basement? What detriment is water pooling outside around my foundation? Premature deterioration is staring you in the face when you have the water problems indicated above. Your concrete gets rapid aging and there can be detrimental settling and cracking of the foundation. Mold begins to grow and inhabitants get sick. Your very house, wood and all can disintegrate should these problems continue unchecked.

Some obvious culprits for water in the basement is faulty plumbing. Another is seepage from water under and around your foundation. Getting to the cause(s) is step one. Once you discover the source you can do what it takes to get it corrected. One thing you may need to do is to coat bare concrete walls with a sealer. (If the walls have been previously painted, you’ll need to sandblast the old paint off down to bare concrete before applying the sealer or it will not be effective.)

Checking the way water drains outside around your house can also affect your basement water problems. If your downspouts are not redirecting water away from your foundation, they need to be reworked so they do just that. Also, the soil that is up against your foundation needs to angle down from the house so that water runs away from your foundation. Any underground drainage systems need to be flushed out with a hose periodically to be sure they are fully functional.

Another water source, your outdoor spigots need to direct water away from the foundation of the house.

Do you have window wells? Do be sure to check them to be sure they are not collecting water or plant material which can trap moisture here where you don’t want it. Be sure they are not cracked or molding and be sure your windows are caulked in properly so that they don’t leak.

At Field’s Engineering we offer forensics on your basement water problems and are excellent at engineering fixes to ensure the safety of your home for the long haul. Simply give us a call: 931-456-6071.

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