What’s Your Style?

By Sorista Vaught When you are about to embark on your building project, knowing a style or design and its advantages or disadvantages can lead you into making the best decision for you. In this article, it seemed advantageous to post several photos to assist with the discussion. As we know that a picture paintsContinue reading “What’s Your Style?”

The Harm of Standing Water & Your Foundation

By Sorista Vaught Just how harmful is standing water in the basement? What detriment is water pooling outside around my foundation? Premature deterioration is staring you in the face when you have the water problems indicated above. Your concrete gets rapid aging and there can be detrimental settling and cracking of the foundation. Mold beginsContinue reading “The Harm of Standing Water & Your Foundation”

Wronged By A Contractor

Wronged by a contractor? Engineers can help.

Tennessee’s Ranking On Natural Disasters

Weather most likely to hit Tennessee and wisdom of building to withstand.

Land Development & FECS – Smart Move Despite COVID-19

Land development is a wise choice for this economy.

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