Peavine Laundry

We are progressing so much faster now that the roof is on!

Our guys are doing a Fantastic Job!



EIFS being applied in the above photos

Spring Storms Bring Destruction

We work with insurance companies all of the time, to help get you the repairs you need, at as fast a pace as possible.

Looking For Testimonials

FECS would like to hear about your experience with our firm.    IMG_1665


KIA Optima EX 2012

Have you seen this car?  We are not in need of it any longer and would like to sell it.  Come by and take a look.  It is loaded with all of the goodies you could want!  Not to mention good on gas (and its a turbo).


KIA Sign 

MasterCorp Laundry Facility


Progress, even with a ton of rain, wind and even some snow!

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You never know what you are going to see!



We were greeted by this little guy, along with some of his friends!


                           Photobomb at its best 🙂

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