Happy Independence Day!

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From Field’s Engineering Consultant Services, LLC

Let us continue to uphold the Constitution of The United States and embrace the values represented therein. Let us keep ourselves awake and informed so that we can continue to be the Land of the Free and the Home of the Brave. God Bless America. May everyone have a safe and happy Fourth of July this year: 2020!

-The FECS Staff

Why Hire A Structural Engineer?

By Sorista Vaught

When one plans to embark on any construction project, it is very beneficial to hire a structural engineer to give you the advantage of arriving at safe and economical plans for a your building while taking into consideration that your structure needs to be built strong and capable of carrying its intended load. At FECS we know how to analyze the lay of the land, climate and nature of possible inclement weather so as to design your project to best endure possible effects from the inside and outside. When we design a structure, we recommend the appropriate building materials and will make sure to create plans which will call for proper support and fortification of all the skeletal components, so that your construction will be rock solid in strength and able to withstand successfully what elements may come against it.

We are trained in knowing what materials work best for strength and endurance as well as longevity. It may be a broader beam than you may see most builders using in a load bearing wall. It may be types of fasteners that will make the difference between your structure standing firm in a storm, or twisting and breaking apart. It is best illustrated by the construction of brick in the fairy tale about the three little pigs or the Bible story of the wise man building his house upon a rock, as opposed to the foolish man building his on the sand. It makes great sense to get an expert involved who has tested and proven over time and experience what makes solid construction sense.

We a Field’s Engineering can save you the time and expense of rehashing improperly designed items in non-engineered plans. We will be glad to offer you an estimate and assist you in making your plans a pleasing construction reality.
Call us today at 931-456-6071.

Is My House Worth Saving?

Perhaps your home is not looking quite as forlorn as this one… Photo courtesy of Gilles Desjardins on Unsplash.

By Sorista Vaught

Perhaps your home is not looking quite as forlorn as this one, however it may be that you could be facing problems that could produce results as grim over time. As Civil and Structural Engineers, FECS has opportunity to examine many structures with many problems. What follows is a short list of red flags that could present major problems down the road:

Standing water in or around your structure. Standing water tells of drainage problems which can lead to mold. Mold is not only harmful to you but is also harmful to your dwelling (more about mold below). Standing water is also a draw for insects which lay eggs in the water wreaking havoc on your health and that of your pets.

Mold means your structure is in danger of decomposing right before your very eyes. Dampness trapped over time causes mold. One must address the cause of the mold which FECS does as part of our forensic analysis. You need to get this established first so that you can eliminate the cause to prevent more mold in the future.

Cracks in your structure. Cracks can mean settling has occurred or can mean other things. Check to see if the crack has a 3/16” or wider gap. Observe if you also have sagging floors or doors and windows that don’t close properly. Should this be the case it may be wise to contact FECS to assess the soundness of your structure.

Sagging, uneven, or sloping floors. When something is wrong with your floors you need to explore the reason promptly. There are many possible causes of a sagging or sloping floors which is why employing the services of a structural engineering firm such as FECS can help you get to the root of the problem efficiently. Simply trying to jack up portions of the floor can lead to even more extensive problems in the future which is why it is wise to consult with experts.

Roof problems. If the roof is sagging, this signals structural issues that need to be addressed. If water is pooling or leaking into the structure you do not need to delay employing help. Do not ignore your roof. Should your roof supports be weak, decayed, or insufficient, they may need to be replaced right away.

Obvious damage such as from fires, flooding or storms. It is strongly recommended that you give us a call to discuss this damage and arrange for an assessment of your best course to pursue following the disaster. There are many unforeseen issues that you may miss by trying to muddle through this by yourself. Oftentimes our services are covered by your insurance company.

If you have any other concerns such as lay of the land or sink holes in your area, FECS is adept at diagnosing a plethora of problems you may be facing. Do give us a call at 931-456-6071 and we will be pleased to discuss your concerns and schedule as prompt an appointment as is possible.

Storm Damage

Screenshot (6)        FECS cares about the condition of your home.

By Sorista M. Vaught

When tornadoes ripped through our area recently, people were immediately faced with the many serious scenarios, disasters leave in their wake. One father called FECS to have us come out and assess the safety of his home before putting his family back in it. We can help you to get your life back together.

Need help analyzing the remains of your home, even if it is just a block foundation after a fire has ravaged the structure? One homeowner we visited recently was relieved to know that all had not been lost in the fire: the foundation was still sound and ready to receive a new build.

We know that bad times can happen to any of us, so we are compassionate and eager to help you find the best solutions to the problems you are facing so that you can get your life back to sanity ASAP.

When you have insurance claims that are involving personal property, it is a good idea to employ the services of a forensic engineering firm like FECS. We know how to assess damages from storms, accidents, fire and flooding. We know what to look for to see if there was poor construction practices or errors in the basic designing of your structure.

Lack Peace?

Spring Projects: Take Advantage of Our Expertise

As spring approaches, many of us have a multitude of projects that vie for our attention. A leaky roof, or cracks developing in our foundation or just a desire to do some remodeling with some questions that need answers before we can even start.

Field’s Engineering Consultant Services, LLC is the go-to place with that structural knowledge and beyond to assist you in prioritizing and diagnosing things like that tricky roof leak that keeps evading you, even after prior repair attempts. We specialize in getting to the root of all your structural concerns including drainage problems outside of your home.

Our friendly staff is efficient, direct and helpful. We are qualified to provide you with the inspection letter that may be required for you to proceed to the next step in your plan.

We look forward to meeting you so that your questions can have answers from expert sound advisors. Do pick up the phone and contact us today (931) 456-6071 or email us at barryfield@fieldengineering.net.

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