Storm Damage

Screenshot (6)        FECS cares about the condition of your home.

By Sorista M. Vaught

When tornadoes ripped through our area recently, people were immediately faced with the many serious scenarios, disasters leave in their wake. One father called FECS to have us come out and assess the safety of his home before putting his family back in it. We can help you to get your life back together.

Need help analyzing the remains of your home, even if it is just a block foundation after a fire has ravaged the structure? One homeowner we visited recently was relieved to know that all had not been lost in the fire: the foundation was still sound and ready to receive a new build.

We know that bad times can happen to any of us, so we are compassionate and eager to help you find the best solutions to the problems you are facing so that you can get your life back to sanity ASAP.

When you have insurance claims that are involving personal property, it is a good idea to employ the services of a forensic engineering firm like FECS. We know how to assess damages from storms, accidents, fire and flooding. We know what to look for to see if there was poor construction practices or errors in the basic designing of your structure.

Lack Peace?

Spring Projects: Take Advantage of Our Expertise

As spring approaches, many of us have a multitude of projects that vie for our attention. A leaky roof, or cracks developing in our foundation or just a desire to do some remodeling with some questions that need answers before we can even start.

Field’s Engineering Consultant Services, LLC is the go-to place with that structural knowledge and beyond to assist you in prioritizing and diagnosing things like that tricky roof leak that keeps evading you, even after prior repair attempts. We specialize in getting to the root of all your structural concerns including drainage problems outside of your home.

Our friendly staff is efficient, direct and helpful. We are qualified to provide you with the inspection letter that may be required for you to proceed to the next step in your plan.

We look forward to meeting you so that your questions can have answers from expert sound advisors. Do pick up the phone and contact us today (931) 456-6071 or email us at

Thank You For Your Service

Veterans Day

” To The Veterans of the United States of America Thank You, for the cost you paid for our freedom, thank you for the freedom to live in safety and pursue happiness, for freedom of speech, and for all the freedoms that we daily take for granted.”  -Sara Niles


Remembering 9/11/2001


As you all wake up this morning and carry on with your day, remember….

Remember these times 8:46, 9:03, 9:37 and 10:03

Remember 2977 total, remember 343 were firefighters, remember 60 were police officers, remember 8 were EMTs

Remember all those that rushed up the stairs while everyone else was running down. Remember all those that found the courage to take back a plane. Remember those who volunteered to serve in Afghanistan, Iraq or other hostile lands and never returned. Remember all the families that will never be the same. And remember that real heroes don’t have capes or super powers or jerseys.

And remember they may have wounded us, but they will never break our spirit. They may have scared us, but we will not cower in fear. Remember forever and remain united together.

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