What’s Your Style?

By Sorista Vaught When you are about to embark on your building project, knowing a style or design and its advantages or disadvantages can lead you into making the best decision for you. In this article, it seemed advantageous to post several photos to assist with the discussion. As we know that a picture paintsContinue reading “What’s Your Style?”

Why Have A Structural Engineer Check My Plans & Property

By Sorista Vaught Whenever you are planning a new construction project, it is a wise decision to bring the plans to your structural engineer. Structural engineers such as FECS will look over your plans with you to make sure that what you plan to build will be structurally sound. We advise optimal materials to useContinue reading “Why Have A Structural Engineer Check My Plans & Property”

Jenga Blocks: Knocking Out A Wall

Wall removal can = rubble unless you first understand load bearing walls. FECS aids in safe & sound remodeling.

What’s That Crack!

By Sorista Vaught Whenever you notice cracks in your home or foundation, it is important to be sure they are not “structure threatening cracks”. Cracks like the one pictured above are displaying a gap as wide as one inch in areas and this is plain just not good. FECS determined in this particular instance thatContinue reading “What’s That Crack!”

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